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The Maybin Mission ANGEL Essay Contest is a chance for diverse students in grade 4–9 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area to share their own personal experience in which A Negative Gesture Emerges Love (ANGEL), allowing them to break barriers and prevail.

"Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. We are thrilled to announce the Maybin Mission ANGEL Essay Contest winners. Join me at Angels Stadium for a special ceremony and game on June 17th. Hope to see you there! " - Cam

Meet Our Winners

"Life is hard but I know I have to believe in myself and find love even in the bad things."   - Keanu (Age 10)

"Because of the things in my life that have happened I am a stronger person."
- Katrina (Age 12)

"When I play I carry the memory with me and it motivates me to play the game with passion and courage." - Diego (Age 14)

"No matter how big your obstacle is, you should never give up." - Judy (Age 12)

“No matter what people say I know who I am, and how I feel, and no one can take that away from me."                       - Natalie (Age 13)

"Thought there's one less hand in our family photo, there's one more heart, which will remain forever." - Anthony (Age 11)

"There have been negative things that happened in my life, but I had to face them, get through them, and find the positive in what happened." - Salvador (Age 11)

"Try your best. Try more than once. Don't stop trying. Promise you won't ever give up." - Leilani (Age 10)

"There are people who will always be there to pick you back up and never let you give up on your dream."                  - Joyce (Age 11)

"If you continue through your hardships, sometimes everything will turn out just right." - Amy (Age 12)

"Things happen for a reason, and although we may not know these reasons, they will always be there.”     - Katherine (Age 14)

"Don't feel bad about yourself. At least you have a place to sleep, food to eat and love from family."                   - Destiny (Age 11)

All winners will receive

VIP Access to LA Angels game including Batting Practice Passes
Feature on Cameron Maybin's social media channels
Invitation to attend the on-field award ceremony at Angel Stadium