Youth Camps

2016 - 2017

Maybin Mission Youth Camps are a skill based series of events, giving local kids access to baseball skills camps, games and educational opportunities. In partnership with the LA Angels and UNC Asheville, these camps are run throughout the year.

leaf Carnival of wonder: October 2016   Asheville, North Carolina

Summer Series
May - August

Los Angeles Area

Cameron Maybin + Maybin Mission will host LA Metro community youth camp groups at summer day games, 

In partnership with the LA Angels


Youth Baseball Camp

Detroit, Michigan

Maybin Mission and Curtis Granderson's Grand Kids Foundation partnered for a youth baseball skills camp in Detroit, Michigan.

MaybinMission 667 (Tony Farlow).JPG

Maybin Mission Youth Camp
January 2017

Asheville, North Carolina

Cameron Maybin, in partnership with UNC Asheville, hosted a skills based youth camp for local little league players in Asheville, NC.